måndag 7 juli 2008

Two weeks is such a short time

My dear little sister from America has visit me for two weeks. It's only been a year since I last met her, but it's been so great to spend time with her again. She usually lives in Pennsylvania, where she's in High School. I'm so happy that she decided to visit me during her summerbreak this year. But two weeks went by so fast, and it was already time for her to leave yesterday.
We have done lots of thing together like, seen the Royal Palace in Stockholm and, of course, has a lot of shopping been done in the capital of Sweden.

My sister also brought a friend, and both got to live the countrylife I'm living. They loved to pick wild strawberries that they thread on a straw of grass. A very typical and traditionell Swedish childhood, but so new and exciting for Americans. A piece of Swedish culture is brought over to the States :-)

Since the girls arrived during the inbringing period of hay, they got to be a part of that. During some hot and sunny days we did the hay on the farm, and the girls were happy to help out. They figured it was a lot of work though :-)
And, of course, another Swedish childhood tradition was brought home when we finished the haybringing by sleeping in the haybarn, surronded by the smell of fresh hay.

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